The 11 Best Vegan Makeup Brushes For Ethical Beauty

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Last Updated: 2022-11-03

As far as cosmetics are concerned, we’re pretty lucky with ingredients today. No more lead in powder, mercury in skin cream, or belladonna in eye drops. However the animal products in makeup brushes might be something to replace with one of these options in this list of best vegan makeup brushes.

Animal safety in makeup is lagging, though. What we put on our faces is safe for us, but our pigments, glitters, and stabilizers still rely on animal products the majority of the time. And even if you’ve got your vegan makeup routine down, animal hair might still be hiding in your brushes. 

Still, there are just some things you can’t accomplish with your fingers. That’s why we’ve found the best vegan makeup brushes for every part of your routine with no animal products. We’ve got fluffy round brushes and flat precision brushes. So let’s get started and find the perfect ones for you!

Vegan Makeup Brushes


If you are going vegan with your brushes, synthetic fibers can present some environmental problems that you might not like. 

EcoTools hasn’t invented some magical plant-based replacements for synthetic fibers, but they have cut down on the waste of making brush handles by making interchangeable bristles that fit a select number of handles.

If you’re only looking for your basic buffer brush, you can use this one for powder, or this one for liquid foundation. 

If you’re looking for something a little more comprehensive, try the daily essentials face brush set.


Real Techniques

Real Techniques is great at balancing style and substance. Not only are there several collections for you to choose from to fit your personal aesthetic, but they’ve got a brush for everything.

Their original collection is a crowd favorite and you can’t really go wrong with any of their brushes, but we love that they give you everything for your eyes in this set. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller more for everyday use, they probably have one of the highest-rated powder brushes

If you want something with a different design, you’ve got your pick there as well. Nostalgia for the 70s is pretty big right now, but if the 80s is more your thing, try the electric love collection.

BH Cosmetics

If you couldn’t find your favorite styles at Real Techniques, BH Cosmetics might be the brand for you. Almost every beauty junkie has a set of BH brushes or two and they’ve fit them into their routine regardless of style.

As far as picking only one favorite, you would be pretty hard-pressed. Every single set has a five-star review upon five-star review, so really it’s just a matter of picking your style.

This can be challenging if you’re only looking for a couple of pieces since the majority of products are sold in sets, but most sets are under $20 each so you’re not breaking the bank even if you do get a few pieces you don’t necessarily need.

Elate Cosmetics

If you want synthetic bristles, but generally do want to keep the plastic at day, Elate Cosmetics has great synthetic brushes with bamboo handles.

Now, it is quite expensive for the full set at over $100, but if you’re really looking for one brush that can do it all, we recommend the aptly named multi-use brush

As long as you combine it with something smaller like the bamboo travel brush, you should be able to get your full routine done without spending a ton of money.