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Last Updated: 2022-11-03

Enter KYX World, the latest sneaker platform to launch with a foundation that makes it easy to access the most coveted, hard-to-find salutes for sneaker heads (and general users .With hopes of promoting a more comprehensive sneaker and street wear community the subscription service offers four tiers in which users pay a monthly fee of $ 49 to $ 299. At each level there is a monthly rental allowance for a certain range of shoes, and since consumers pay more for higher levels, more concessions are offered. This includes options such as access to footwear members, monthly shipping cost, number of exchanges, how many shoes they can rent and of course, how much they have to rent.

Nike x Patta Air Max 1 Noise Aqua



It's as if the strap needs to be built on its heap. Releasing "Noise Aqua" in Colorway this new iteration of the Air Max 1 includes the Signature Wave Mudguard, which stands as the main separation between the white / gray upper, and the cream midsole. The Air Max 1 was a stunning slate when it first landed, and is an important addition to many sneaker headphones. Its capabilities are impeccable and it looks great when worn with both athletes and street wear. Consider pairing them with some brown tones, as the juxtaposition looks great.

New Balance Salehe Bembury 



After months of delays, Nike has finally given us this support from the famous NYC-based skateboarding magazine, Quarter snacks. Developed after the popular Bodiga Snack this shoe is basically adorned with zebra stripes that dance in every direction. Because of this, it's a naturally flared shoe although these black and white shapes allow for some extra talent just don't go too crazy with your pattern.

Nike sacai x Clot x LDWaffle Net Orange Blaze


Pointing to the art of reflexology, the shoe borrowed its eccentric color scheme from the 2006 release of the incredibly prestigious "Death Kiss". It combines the key details of the new Fusion Sylvester LDV and Waffle Racer, ensuring an unparalleled comfortable experience. Repetition of the silhouette, it also has semi-translucent middle paneling, meaning your socks should play strong! In addition, "runners" usually look best when wearing an athlete, or at least something without too many buttons.

Yeezy Foam Runner Ochre



While retaining all its enduring physical features, this new iteration turns the neutral color palette in a slightly brighter direction, choosing to wear the silhouette in a seasonally appropriate mustard-colored yellow. The foam RNNR line is visible in every way, meaning it looks traditional. Good at styling 1 out of 2 dresses a much better looking crazy thing, or always fit with an appropriate athlete, comfortable dress.